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Needlework | Sewing Classes for Kids and Teens

       04. May 2011       

Sewing isn't just fun for stay-at-home moms. Bill & Em in Mitte offers opportunities to stitchin 'n threadin classes for kids & teens.

Bill & Em in Mitte is home to handcrafted plush bunnies, tiny dresses and nursing cushions. Forget off-the-rack – Mitte's League of Creatives forms the client base here, with shopkeeper Billa leading the way in enchanting the area around Veteranenstraße with unique patterns and fabrics.

Billa has a pair of right-hand ladies by her side – Saskia, who's responsible for kids' sewing classes, and Isabel, who teaches teens from 13 to 17. Since the end of March, Bill & Em's back room has been packed with aspiring designers on Friday afternoons.

"So far, it's been an all-girls event”, says Isabel, “since sewing is still viewed as a very feminine activity!” Courses hold four participants max and take place in four three-hour sessions. Kids will attain a so-called “sewer's liscence”, where they're taught the basics of dealing with a sewing machine or how to wind a bobbin. In order to pass the “sewing test”, kids must complete a cotton heart. They can then pursue individual sewing projects.

“Teens are less patient, but they're also more ambitious and much quicker to learn than adults, which is why they'll be faster in obtaining a sense of achievement”, explains Isabel in light of her first classes' results. In one of Isabel's classes, two girls, Hanna and Klarissa, had made pleated skirts within their first six hours of class. Merle, another up and comer, made a proper leather purse with straps back in April. There are still vacancies for upcoming classes. They start on May 6 and June 3.


Info and registration

Bill & Em, Veteranenstraße 17, Berlin-Mitte

Tel. +49 (0)30 530 87 890, www.bill-em.de

Mon–Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 11am–3pm


Sewing for Teenagers:

Fridays from 4.30pm to 7.30pm

Ages 13 to 17  

95 euros for four 3-hour classes (12 hrs), sewing material included

5er Karte 110,-€ (an beliebigen Freitagen können weitere Objekte genäht werden)


Sewing classes for kids:

Mon & Tue 4pm-6.30pm

Ages 8 to 12

85 euros for four 2,5-hour classes (10 hrs), sewing material included

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