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Südblock | New Club on the Block

       07. March 2011       

Club culture and hearty breakfast at Kottbusser Tor

There's a cluster of reputable bars inside the golden triangle spanning from Kottbusser Tor towards Neukölln and Friedrichshain. Their names are Möbel Olfe, Monarch and Fuchsbau, to name a few. So when there's a new club on the block, the first thing to ask might be: What has it got to offer that's not already there? Südblock on Admiralstraße is hardly noticeable during the day, although it's been settled into the low-rise across the square from Kaisers since december. But when its green and purple lights start flashing into a promising Kreuzberg sky at night, party-goers are lured into a wonderous realm full of paper koi fish and taxidermied cats.

Inside, you'll see Hella von Sinnen – replicas next to Kreuzberg's version of Boyz n the hood hunting for booty, while musicians from Compton, New York and Abidjan juggle bongo drums onstage. And the improvisation doesn't stop there. At times, the linoleum-coated flooring evokes a youth center feel, whilst the “Gender Toilets” carry a Berghainesque, off-limits aura. Meanwhile, the assortment of peculiar decorative elements in the vestibule pay homage to Berlin's bizarre club aesthetics. The icing on the cake is provided by Südblock's Sunday “DJ-Frühstück”, which should attract After-hour-lovers by the dozens.

As of yet, Südblock surely lacks a definite concept. Let us hope that this refusal to commit will emerge as its strong suit.


Südblock, Admiralstraße 1–2, Berlin-Kreuzberg


Snack bar and café are open daily 10am-7pm 

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