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Burger Test

Buns and Patties | Berlin's Best

       22. August 2012       

We chewed our way through the city's fast food joints and classy restaurants to find Berlin's best burgers.

1. Classic Burger

Some would call the name of this Schöneberg eatery - “To Be or Not to Be”- a little dramatic. But maybe that's just what the slightly outdated culinary landscape in this area of  could use. Three types of burgers are offered here: The house burger, the Chef DOC and the Classic Burger, which we tried: It's an impressive construction held together with little wooden sticks and comes with a little salad, homemade potato wedges, ketchup, and mayonnaise in plastic bottles. 

Résumé: A pilgrimage for burger-loving Schönebergers. The weekly menu and extremely high meat quality make it a worth the trip from other parts of town. 

To beef or not to beef Akazienstraße 3, Schöneberg, Tel. 54 59 90 47


2. Chili Cheese Burger

Eight centimeters – the average height of a burger at BBI. Without the wooden skewer, the bread, beef patty and salad would topple down and land all over the place. Burgers are ordered at an XS miniature counter where you can watch the burger flippers at the fire-spitting grill and pick up your order when your first name is called. There are four tables and a handful of old armchairs on the sidewalk. The unspoken Neukölln imperative: Sit down! Socialize! Enjoy your burger!

Résumé: For young local and international fast eaters with a sensibility towards good fast food.

bbi – berlin burger international, Pannierstraße 5, Neukölln Tel. 0178 5407409, www.berlinburgerinternational.com


3. Volta-Burger

Besides the so-called “Pub-Food” Volta also serves the Volta Burger. It's a housemade creation with 100 per cent beef, bacon, rucola, tomato, cheddar cheese and homemade BBQ sauce in a brioche-sesame bun with a Spreewald pickle and housemade fries. The burger comes with a gimmick not mentioned on the menu – a crispy onion ring.

Résumé: For a casual night out with friends or a date. Only point of criticism: The sweet tasting bread overshadows the taste of the meat patty.

Volta, Brunnenstraße 73, Wedding, www.dasvolta.com


4. Grüner Kern 

Even the most stubborn meat lovers among us have to admit that vegan cuisine has more to offer than soggy lettuce. For example: burgers! At Kopp's restaurant, a wheat bun is topped with tomato, pickles and roasted onions that, optically speaking, rivals any classic meat burger. The patty substitute is made of lentils, amongst other versions, and is served occasionally as part of Kopp's lunch menu.

Résumé: A high quality and intense tasting break from traditional vegan fare. Perfect for everyone looking to combine their lust for burgers and a healthy diet.

Kopps Linienstraße 94, Mitte, Tel. 43 20 97 75, www.kopps-berlin.de


 5. Cheeseburger

Tizian inside the Grand Hyatt offers tasty Berlin cuisine classics like the Currywurst. Their burgers are served with extra crispy fries and a serving of coleslaw. The cheeseburger certainly lives up to its name, it's large and cheesy enough to fill any stomach and the patty takes up at least half of the filling. The veggie burger comes with grilled vegetables and melted cheese and you can imagine how much the paparazzi would pay to catch one of those lean Hollywood stars with one of these babies halfway into their mouths.

Résumé: Very tasty and very classy due to unusual sauces and none of that annoying ketchup mess. Perfect for tourists and nouveau riche folk.

Tizian im Hotel Grand Hyatt, Marlene-Dietrich-Platz 2, Tiergarten, Tel. 25 53 12 34, 25 53 17 64, www.tizian-restaurant.de

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