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Immer frisch serviert!

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Tim Thaler


Tim Thaler | Club Culture and Psychological Consultation

       11. April 2011       

BLN.FM is an online radio station that has been broadcasting personality shows and editorial contributions and features an online magazine revolving around music and urban life. Tim Thaler is the editor in chief and one of BLN.FM’s founding members.

Your editorial team is huge – among its members are seasoned radio editors and professional DJs. How did these people come together?

We’re up to 70 people, most of whom have come together through networking on my part. I’ve been working with radio and within the general media ( TV, print) for a long time. And I DJ. Which already got around 40 people on board. The rest arrived later. Which is good, because we want to assist those people that are at the beginning of their careers. We’re a registered assosiation. Nevertheless, we do uphold standards contentwise.

What are your thematic focal points?

We’re experts in electronic music. This includes ambient, experimental, noise, house, techno and drum’n’bass. It could even include a Kylie-Minogue-Remix from time to time. We adjust the music to the time of day, meaning that you’ll mostly hear things like experimental techno at night time. Our themes range from club culture, art, fashion to IT and dj-technolog – basically all those topics which appeal to 15 to 40 year-olds.

Is there anything you wouldn’t touch music-wise?

There’s a lot! We obviously wouldn’t broadcast a Winer Walzer or Folk Music. Or classic 70s/80s/90s hits. There’s enough other stations that cover that type of music.

How did you get into radio and why?

I used to work in film. I switched over to TV and from TV to radio. It just kind of happened because my job at Pro7/Sat. 1 ran out and Radio Eins had a vacancy. I met a lot of people that were unhappy about their limited editorial autonomy. BLN.FM enables those of us with a passion for electronic music to pursue their hobby.

You emcee the show "Fragen sie Doktor Bot!" ("Ask doctor Bot!"). Do you remember your most bizarre call?

The show is based on Domian, but we’re not completely serious about everything, altough doctor Bot is an actual psychologist. The last show was supposed to revolve around "hair" but we had one caller who just wanted to talk about 9/11 the whole time. He kept coming up with conspiracy theories and we kept trying to get back to our topic. That was pretty hilarious. On that same show, we also had a live-test with hot wax. I had to try it out on my own legs. It worked, but I never want to experience that type of pain again! A lot of women approached me about that show afterwards.

How do you find new music?

Since I'm a DJ, I'm on a bunch of labels' mailing lists. We have eight music editors at BLN.FM, which is a lot. Radio Eins only has four. Every editor looks through an average of 1000 tracks per week. On top of that, there's all the recommendations by friends and social networks like soundcloud, facebook or myspace. I myself reserve every tuesday for picking out tracks. At the end of the day, all of us will meet up to filter out around 200-300 tracks that we will place on heavy or low-rotation.

What's your favorite track ATM?

Pnau – The Truth. It's incredibly cheesy, but I've been listening to it 24/7.



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