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All you can eat at Mavi Jeans | All the Jeans that's fit to Eat

       30. April 2012       

A clever PR stint had  fashion fans running around with pants in their mouths last week.

Die-hard Mavi fans gathered in front of the flagship store on Neue Schönhauser Straße last Thursday to the “All you can eat” event that allowed the first 100 guests to take home as much Mavi clothing as they could fit into their mouths for free. The offer prompted some especially eager fans to camp in front of the store overnight.

A popular trick was to stick as many tags as possible between your teeth (while managing not to choke). There were no exceptions made in the rule that participants were only allowed to keep whatever they could carry outside without using their hands for support. Those that didn't make it to the first 100 were given 25 euro vouchers for consolation and  were additionally cheered up by the sight of  full-mouthed contestants leaving the store.

“They left the shop absolutely deserted, but everyone had fun", said Manuel Gomez, Mavi Europe's PR manager, who promises to keep surprising mavi fans with original marketing ideas in the future.

(simb & mb)

Mavi Store

Neue Schönhauser Straße 3-5

10178 Berlin Mitte

Tel. 27582530


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