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Fiona Reymann | Jazzing up Berlin's tame West

       03. January 2012       

Fiona Reymann is a brave woman. She recently opened up a restaurant on the northern tip of Kantstraße in Charlottenburg. Why this neck of the woods? After all, Charlottenburg isn't exactly known as the hottest district in town. But nonetheless, many Berliners appreciate it for its unpretentious atmosphere – Charlottenburgers don't feel the constant need to show off their lifestyles. They like a good quality of life and, for the most part, will have an open ear to political innovations. Fiona Reymann knows this. And it doesn't hurt that her French bulldog Olli can jump into Lietzensee and jog around Grunewald, both of which are a bare stone's throw away from the restaurant and her apartment.


Why a French bulldog? 

I've always liked dogs, but I chose the French bulldog for several reasons: First, I wanted a dog with a strong personality. Bulldogs are very loyal but they can also be stubborn. I also wanted a dog that could live in the city, which is why I only considered smaller dogs that wouldn't feel claustrophobic in the apartment and that I could take on the S-Bahn.


How did you think of the name? 

I got Olli when he was already eleven months old so I stuck with the name.


Why does your dog snore so loudly?

Frech bulldgos are bred in a way that in order to keep their snouts flat, their airways are often times extremely compact. That's where the rattling comes from, although I'd call it snoring. Although I have to admit I've taken quite a liking to it.


Does Olli do well on his own while you're at the restaurant taking care of guests? 

I try to spend as much time as possible with Olli before I head off to work so he does fine. Besides, the office is right above the restaurant so he's never that far away.

How often a day do you take him out for walks? Does he like other dogs or does he ignore them? 

I take him out four times a day. One walk is a long walk, one and a half hours, and the other three are about half an hour long. Luckily, Olli is a very sociable dog and likes to communicate with other dogs. And he doesn't care what size they are, which can lead to curious situations sometimes. But he gets especially excited when he meets other Frenchies.


What do you appreciate most about Olli? What annoys you most? 

No matter how bad I'm feeling, he always makes me laugh. But sometimes, he has a talent for being everywhere you don't need him to be at a certain moment. He always wants to be in the center of the commotion instead of looking on from the side.


Vice versa: What irritates Olli most?

He won't leave the house when it's raining.


How did you raise him?

Since I got him when he was already eleven months old, he was already in pretty good shape. I kept it going and taught him some new things.


What's his favorite food? 

This might sound weird but he likes rice best, although he wouldn't say no to a good venison bone either.


Where do you go with him when you want to go on a lengthy walk?

I like Grunewald the best. Walking through the forest is relaxing for me and Olli can meet his friends.



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