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Tom Liwa spielt Gitarre, singt und

schreibt seit ca. 35 Jahren Songs u.a.

mit der Band Flowerpornoes. Derzeit

entsteht ein neues Album der Band und

heute spielt er um 21 Uhr im Roten Salon.



Juval Dieziger | "Everyone's Welcome“

       24. February 2012       

Another Kater Holzig? Yes, Berlin's wackiest club and dinner location has an official Mexican Doppelgänger. One of Kater's creators, Juval Dieziger, runs the world's first pop-up-hotel in Tulum. Set to exist for five months, the Kater Holzig subsidiary will be offering drinks, food and kicks on the Yucatan peninsula until May 5 as part of the Papaya Playa Project, initiated by Design Hotel.

Whoa, a Kater Holzig in Mexico. A beach bar in Berlin wasn't enough for you guys?

I've been dreaming about a beachside restaurant since I was a teenager. When the owner of Design Hotel, Claus Sendlinger, who's a Bar 25 regular, asked me if we wanted to do it, I agreed right away!

Spending the winter between palm trees – sounds like the perfect vacation.

As if! I really thought it would just be a matter of bringing some old lamps and furniture over here. But everything was completely run down and we actually had to build a new kitchen from scratch. We had to postpone our opening from the beginning of December to shortly before Christmas.

Berlin-Trash and palm trees: The news have already spread to New York and Los Angeles. And it seems like people seem to be able to let go of their every day craziness despite smartphone and ipod mania at the Mexican Kater.

Yeah, this place is great for kicking back. Many of the people that come here actually do have stuff to do, but the beach definitely takes out some of the stress. We even built a recording studio for our visiting musicians – with an ocean view. After work, you can just meet up for a beer at the bar.

What do the Berlin Kater Holzig and Mexico Kater Holzig have in common?

The music and the food. We have several parties per week for which we fly in musicians and artists from home, but we also hire local bands. Phillipp and Jonas create amazing food at the Katerschmaus kitchen and they already have a network of suppliers. There's a local fisherman that brings freshly caught crawfish to our beach. And we get homemade jam, honey, natural salt and olive oil from traditional Maya families.

And what's the biggest difference?


The climate - we've got 29 degrees over here, that's pretty crazy. And we don't have as strict a door policy here. Everyone's welcome and we have more and more locals coming to our parties.


(Manuela Blisse)






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