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Shan Rahimkhan


Shan Rahimkhan | "A tight ponytail always works"

       24. November 2011       

What's the hottest hair style at the moment? 

Right now, all gold and caramel shades are very popular. We've noticed that women are willing to risk more when it comes to haircolor: The trend has moved from platinum blonde hair to strawberry blonde, which is a very beautiful and flattering color.

Do new hairstyles even emerge in Berlin? 

They do, mostly in the club scene, like at Flamingo or Cookies where you'll find people that have a style where you'll just go “wow, that looks amazing!” way before those trends start showing up in glossy magazines. It happens a lot in Berlin, the sources for inspiration here will never fade.

What's the biggest challenge for you as a hair stylist? 

We have to turn new trends into wearable cuts. A new style gets our signature and at the same time must be adjusted to a client's personality and his or her lifestyle. But we seem to be quite good at it, otherwise we wouldn't be getting all these big fashion show bookings (laughs).

Is there a haircut you personally dislike? 

Short bangs. I thought those were gone for good but now people are starting up with them again.

How do you generally feel about trends? 

They have to be simple enough to implement. If your styling takes longer than 10 minutes, you'll grow bored of it within a week. We've been working on a new trend product for the past one and a half years and will launch our new shampoo next March. It will be available in different colors and make your hair light and loose in texture, so you won't have to wash it every day. It's practical and saves a lot of time.

What are some timeless classics amongst hairdos?

A tight ponytail always works because you can use it for endless variations. And bangs in all different lengths. Right now, longer bangs are hot again, as well as “messy” updos that look like a woman has already worn them for a night of dancing, good sex, sleeping and a trip to the bakery the next morning. That is exactly how these wonderful 'dos should look (grin).

Is there such a thing as individuality and independent trends? 

To be honest, the designer approaches us with his ideas, and we as hair and make-up professionals execute them in our respective disciplines in a way that works with the designer's newest collection.

What do you think about short hair? Or is that fad already over?

Short hair isn't really a trend, it's more of a perennial theme. Short hair just doesn't look good on every woman. The cut has to complement her facial shape and overall style. It's the same with haircolors – they have to go with the wearer's type.

Undercuts – blessing or curse? 

There are few people that actually look good with an undercut. The terrific Tilda Swinton was one of the first to wear one around two years ago and it looked great on her. I like undercuts and think they can look very cool. By the way, they are much more versatile than you may think. There are countless styling variations.

Do you find it sexy on a lady?

Well, as I've said, it doesn't look good on everyone. There might be two in a thousand women that can pull it off. But if they do, it definitely looks sexy, yes.

Interview: Marie Wellmann 


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