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Sven Haeusler, the creater of iseevoices and svenson suites


Sven Haeusler | "Don´t fuck with Santa Claus"

       07. December 2011       

Sven Haeusler recently received the Video award for “Udo Lindenberg – MTV Unplugged”. But instead of resting on his laurels, he shortly thereafter achieved the unthinkable: an exclusive interview with Santa Clause! Many will know Haeusler from the music biz – he's been making documentaries and live DVDs for Peter Fox, Mousse T, Söhne Mannheims and the likes. Another, perhaps less obvious passion of Haeusler's lies in Interviews that give the interviewee enough room to elaborate on life experience, wishes and ideas, providing a profound portrait of his or her individual personality. Now, Haeusler and his team have managed to get a hold of the only man who wears red velvet.

First of all, congratulations on your super exclusive interview! 


How did you manage to get Father Christmas to agree such an extensive interview at his busiest time of the year?

We've been trying to get a hold of him for years now. He's either very impressed by our persistency or, possibly, considered this the right time to step into the public eye. Either way, we were absolutely delighted that he agreed to do it. It's like a childhood dream come true!

Which PR firm did you have to get by for the interview?

Well, I know some people. A friend of mine is a management consultant. The Santa Clause Industries don't have an official press PR department – it's more of an information suppressing center. But at least they have a no-violence policy.

Did you have problems getting the interview authorized?

No, it all went surprisingly easy. I have the impression that the firm is so broadly branched out and cultivates such powerful contacts that there's no need to worry about consequences.

Will there be disputes with one of the world's largest corporations?

Mr Clause has expressed his personal opinion and we have simply passed it on. By the way, there are rumors going around that Santa Clause Industries is the majority share holder of the Coca Cola Company. But I haven't been able to entirely sort out the details of the connection.

The company has been trying to talk business with the Man in Red for years...

Well, their business relationship obviously has a messy history. Like St. Martin said in the interview: Don't fuck with Santa Clause!

Do you conduct all of your interviews in English?

We conduct our interviews in the interviewee's mother tongue or whatever language they prefer.

How would you describe Santa Clause after this first, thorough talk?

Good-natured, kindhearted, calm and very clever, with a slight anarchist touch. Centuries of experience prove that logistically, no one has yet been able to fill his shoes. And the dude listens to the Butthole surfers – he can't be a bad guy.

Is he equipped to help Greece, Italy and Portugal out of their financial crises?

Surely – but I'm afraid that's simply not his cup of tea. It might sound clichéed, but Santa seems to be more interested in making children happy than to save debt-ridden governments. Politics aren't Rock 'n Roll enough for him. I mean, he's got a point.

You're an expert when it comes to interviews. What are your tips for getting an important interview partner in front of a microphone?

Patience and genuine curiosity and a hint of creativity. If Santa would've kept ignoring me for another three years, I might just have dressed someone up and just pretended that he was the real deal.

(Interview: Eva-Maria Hilker) 

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